Third-Party Alarm Monitoring Serving Dallas, TX


As an alarm company, you want to make sure your customers are getting the best service possible. Since you’re protecting their valuable property (and even lives), it’s important to be able to offer high-tech, personalized monitoring systems with fast response times.


This is where Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op comes into play. With our advanced monitoring systems and services, we can quickly and easily connect your customers with the help they need, whether that’s the police, fire department, or medical professionals.

Third-Party Alarm Monitoring Serving Dallas, TX


What’s more, as a co-op, we’re owned and operated by our clients, which means you have a say in everything we do. From voting on board members to running your own monitoring station, you’ll have a direct hand in ensuring that your customers are getting the best possible service.


If you’re looking for a top-quality, third-party alarm monitoring company serving Dallas, TX, look no further than Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


  • Security Monitoring, Dallas, TX
  • Life Safety/Fire Monitoring, Dallas, TX
  • PERS/Medical Alert Monitoring, Dallas, TX
  • Environmental Monitoring, Dallas, TX
  • Elevator Line, Dallas, TX
  • Area of Refuge/Area of Rescue, Dallas, TX
  • Video Monitoring, Dallas, TX
  • IP Based Alarm Communication, Dallas, TX
  • Phone-Based Alarm Communication, Dallas, TX
  • Wireless Alarm Communications & Interactive Services, Dallas, TX
  • Reporting Services, Dallas, TX
  • Internet/Telephone Service, Dallas, TX


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