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It’s Yours!

Most people prefer ownership. It costs less in the long run, and there is something to show for the money you spend. That is the basic concept of the Monitoring America Co-Op. You have the advantages of being part of a large organization while you operate your own business. Large or small, Monitoring America is right for you.

Customized Services

Member/Owners set the policies for their portion of the operation. Your customer’s calls are answered with your company name. When you tell customers that your central station is always there, you can rely on Monitoring America to represent you in a courteous and professional manner. Your company is represented the way you want it to be.

When you need monitoring history, it is available with a phone call. With “Dealer Access” you can print your own reports using your computer. If you desire, reports can be faxed or emailed to your office when needed.

NEW Systems

Monitoring America is always striving to be the best. Our board of directors recently decided to upgrade our automation system. We are currently in the midst of converting to MAS (Monitoring Automation Systems) alarm monitoring software. MAS is owned by UTC.

When we are fully operating on the MAS system we will also offer MAS Web, a program that will allow our members access to their account information and history.

Our alarm receiver is the Surgard System III. The System III is the latest in alarm receiver technology, it is a virtual receiver. This means that each line card is capable of receiving all formats. With the System III, each member gets their own line number. This provides many features including the elimination ghost signals caused by other dealers incorrectly programming account numbers in new systems. The System III will also reduce long distance costs because it answers with the correct handshake for the panel calling.

We recently upgraded our telephone audio recorder to Voiceprint. The Voiceprint system provide exceptional recording capabilities. We can easily email telephone calls to our members when the need arises.

All of our telephone service is carried over T-1 (digital) circuits.


Each member/owner holds one share of stock and one vote. There is not a majority stockholder. Each member has one share and one vote. A board of directors is selected every year and the board carries out the wishes of the members. The direction of the Co-Op is completely at the command of the member/owners. When we say “it’s your central station”, we mean exactly that.


Because the members are owners, the profits go back to the members. Every year, except 1997, members have received dividend checks representing their share of the profit. In addition to dividends, retained earnings are credited to each share of stock. Our member/owners receive short-term dividends and build equity in Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op.

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